Physical Presence

Decisions fundamentally affect our emotional and energetic systems, our bodily presence and our self-composure. Although you can detect and analyze a decision on the rational level, it always involves some irrational elements. That is why we say that truly significant decisions carry some risk. Risk factors cannot be eliminated or nullified completely by rational analysis. A real decision is always more than rationally thinking over a possible solution. Making a decision is connected to our emotional state. If we are poised, if we are in harmony with ourselves, we are more ready to make even more risky or more far-reaching decisions.

So there is another important aspect to the decision-making process that would not eliminate the risk factor but would diminish it, and that is the intensity of bodily presence, the inspired state when you are able to focus within. In this way, on the one hand, anxiety is lessened, and on the other hand the consequences of the decision become more accessible or easier to accept. In my experience inner collectedness or intensified physical presence brings the unpredictable consequences of the decision closer, and alleviates the difficulty of ‘leaping into the depths in the dark’ and also affects the changes following the decision.