Philosophy: The Inner Warrior

We all are born perfect and possess the inner mechanisms of progress, rejuvenation and self-healing. Everything is alright with us when our perception of our inner time is still intact and we do not measure ourselves according to the external world, but consider inner poise to be of paramount importance; we know what we need, what is essential for us and what is not. We naturally feel whom we can trust and whom we had better avoid since we have an inner protection that safeguards our integrity. We not only see with our eyes but also feel with our soul the subtle vibrations that reach us from every different direction, and instinctively avoid bad situations and angles of light. We know from within who we truly are, and we need no external verification. Our inner warrior is at his post protecting us against situations where we should display something different than what we actually are, and from people to whom we should bow or subjugate ourselves. Before we have to accommodate ourselves to external time we know precisely that what counts is not what we accomplish, but the way we are present in given situations, not how great our achievements are, but rather the way we create something. What matters, is not how other people look at us, but the way we  function together and the way we treat others and ourselves, not what others expect from us, but that we are at peace with ourselves.

The inner warrior is the guardian of the integrity and harmony of our true, genuine self, our original being. It guards the inner knowledge that is solely about us, where the whole picture is still in one piece, untouched. The Steadfast Tin Soldier is the guardian of the treasure of an archaic image of who we truly are and what we can become. Here potentiality and reality have not yet been permanently separated, as faith and trust from within holds together who we are with what we can become. The beauty of this image is that everything in it is at the right place, tranquil, yet in  flow. It has not yet been marred by the external world’s deceptive reflection of youth and beauty. It is not a reflection of relative forms and parts but an untouched image of oneness and wholeness. The inner warrior is the possessor of the gentle force, the adamantine and uncompromising guardian of the unity of body and soul.

He is dauntless, adamantine, he cannot be beguiled, sleeplessly he fights for truth, he cannot be led astray, for he can adapt to every situation, and if it is necessary, he can release everything. He is not attached to comfort and safety, therefore he can rise above anything and, if needed, anyone, but he never gives up his faith in revival, and in his hope for change. The inner warrior is the better half of us all, the invulnerable part of our souls; he always knows the right direction, he is aware of real values, and warns us when we fall back, when our legs give way or we are left speechless. The inner warrior is the true part of us all, the keeper of our real name. He is with us, even after we have long buried our hopes within, when we live by a feigned name and have given up our true selves for money or power. The inner warrior is able to revive and transform our lives at any time. He is sleeplessly watching over our dreams, hoping that one day we will make them true.